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25 Years of Passion

We are motocross racers and motorcycle enthusiasts who have been into motocross for more than 25 years. Our team consists of novice, intermediate and pro-level racers. With this kind of experience and with our contacts, we went looking for something different and something better.

Highest Quality, Most Environmentally Responsible Products

No one had seemed to come up with anything really new, and with all the advances in science and chemistry, we knew there had to be something better out there. At CycleLogic Products, Inc., the manufacturer of Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant ™ our goal has been to provide our friends and fellow racers with the highest quality, most environmentally responsible products that we can possibly make.

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Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant ™

Through our research, we have found many products and chemical formulations that are completely applicable to racing. Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant ™ is our flagship product. We have other top quality products in the final testing phase, but we couldn’t hold back the secret of Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant ™ anymore. We couldn’t show up at a race anywhere in the Southeastern U.S. without someone asking us if we had some “stuff.” This is why the corporate CycleLogic logo has the phrase “Hi-Performance Secret Fluids” in it. Because our products have been the secret of many racers and National Champions, but now you have the keys to the best kept secret in motocross today.