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Rocky Mountain ATV/MC – KTM – WPS  Sponsor Feature of the Week

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Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant |
Rocky Mountain ATV/MC – KTM – WPS

Sponsor Feature of the Week

Each week we feature sponsors who we are proud to have partnered with and all of which are integral parts to the continued success of the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC – KTM – WPS team.

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This week feature will spotlight Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant. 

No matter if you are riding factory KTM 450’s like our team, have a brand new bike off the showroom floor or have your baby – that crisp sounding 2002 125 2-stoke!  You need to keep your bike working at optimal temperature at all times, which is why we run Engine Ice Performance Coolant.

Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant was developed in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in the year 2000 by David Kimmey.“Engine Ice Dave” as he is known throughout the industry and our Team Owner, Forrest Butler, have worked together with Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant right from the beginning of the product, and our team as well.  Their relationship is still going strong today, which is a big deal when performance is so key in what we do.  Forrest trusting in Engine Ice for nearly 20 years now says: “I haven’t worked with Dave just because he was a friend, I started using the EI product because it just worked!  Our friendship grew from our business relationship, and I am very proud today to be able to know Dave is one of my most trusting and best friends I have within the industry”.

Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is a Propylene Glycol based coolant and antifreeze. Using a proprietary formula Engine Ice provides dependable power and reduced operating temperatures regardless of the terrain or application. Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is an American made product that is biodegradable, phosphate free, non-toxic. It typically reduces operating temperatures effectively by keeping boil-over temperatures to 256 or less and freeze-up protection to -26 F.

Engine Ice Bottles

Ready to use “right out of the bottle”, Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is ready to provide dependable horsepower and is proven to reduce operating temperatures. After all, a key to horsepower is not losing it! Get your Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant today at www.engineice.com

Thank you to our 2019 sponsors:

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