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Nick DeMoss Racing!

By June 25, 2015February 17th, 2017No Comments
My race car is an Outlaw Dirt Kart that is made by SKE in North Carolina.  The car with driver included weighs 450 pounds.  The Outlaw Dirt Kart is a go-kart frame, with a floating cage on springs (no shocks).  The motor is a Honda CR500 dirt bike engine that is built by SUP out of Montana to produce 100 HP, and made to withstand the demands of continuous throttle with very little lifting.  This is different from motocross, as they are on and off the gas for jumps.  On a 1/6th mile oval, we have hit speeds of over 90mph.  These are the same cars that Kyle Larson started his racing career in.
I started my racing career in 2005.  Since that time, I have raced for a track championship 9 times.  I have won the track championship 6 times, and finished 2nd the other 3 times.  I am currently leading the Point’s Championship by 48 points with 5 races remaining this year.  In 2005 I raced in two national events.  I won the Got Milk? Nationals in Hartville, MO, and finished 2nd at the OKS Nationals in DuQuoin, IL when my motor died coming to the checkered flag.  In 2007, I was able to win my second national event at the Week Before Warm-Up in Duluth, WI.  That race paid $3,000 to win.  In 2007 I also set the current track record at English Creek Speedway.  In 2008 I qualified for the pole of the North West Shooutout in Missoula, MT.  A broken carburetor boot prevented me from running well in that event.  In 2008, 2009, and 2010 I finished 2nd in the national events those years.  In 2010, I finished second in the feature of the Wild West Shootout in Missoula, MT after crashing in a heat race when the steering broke, won the B-Feature, and was challenging for the lead when a yellow came out.  In 2010 I was also able to set the track record at 339 Speedway in Barlow, OH.  In 2011 I was able to win the biggest national event, the Outlaw Dirt Kart Nationals at English Creek Speedway in Knoxville, IA.  In 2013 I finished 4th at the Millbridge Showdown national event in North Carolina.  I have many more top 5 finishes in races all across the United States.  Our team works very hard to make sure we do not have any DNF’s.  Since 2005, we have won 115 out of 218 heat races, and won 62 out of 150 A-Features, with 124 top 5 finishes in those races.  No matter where we race, we are a threat to win.