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Nick DeMoss – DeMoss Repeats at Knoxville Raceway! (DeMoss Racing) – July 21, 2015

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     nickdemoss07-17After a two week layoff, DeMoss racing was back in action on July 10 at English Creek Speedway.  Nick would start 7th in the first heat, and quickly make hisway up to 5th after the first lap.  Nick would overtake the fourth position on lap two.  Nick would give chase to his father, Wes DeMoss, but could not make a pass happen and finish heat one in the fourth position.  “The track  was one lane.  The micro’s really made the track rough, and we could only go in the line that wasn’t so rough. Without suspension, you just can’t make the other line work.  I think they will come out and pack it in, and it will turn out to be pretty racey.”
     In heat number two, Nick would start in the 2nd position and would have the lead as they came off of
turn four.  Nick would never look back and go on to win heat number two.  “After they packed the track in, it is shaping up to be a good track.  I think we earned enough points to start on the front row, so hopefully we can find our way to the lead.”
     In the feature, Colton Fisher would get the jump on Nick and take the early lead.  For the first two laps, Nick would fall behind in turns one and two, and then pull side by side in turns three and four.  A couple of cautions took away Nick’s momentum, and they would have to go to a single file restart.  After the restart, Nick got a great run off of turn two as the leader would bobble.  Nick dove to the inside of turn three where he had been making his moves before the restart.  As Nick entered the corner, the leader cut to go low, not knowing Nick was already there.  Their bumpers touched, and the leader spun bringing out a yellow.  Nick would inherit the lead and have to survive a couple more restarts, but would go on to win his 6th feature of the year out of 7 tries.  “I feel bad for Colton.  I had such a good run that I don’t think he even knew I was there.  It is one of those racing deals.  I thought for a second I was going upside down.  I am glad neither of us crashed and that we were able to pick up the win.  Our focus is on Knoxville this Sunday.  I would love to win at that track again!”
     Nick and the DeMoss racing team headed to the famed Knoxville Raceway on July 12 during the Marion County Fair for their special event on special built track using turn 4 and the front stretch.  It was the hottest day of the year, with the heat index over 110 degrees.
     After hot laps, both DeMoss Racing drivers needed to change gears.  “We need to add a tooth or two to get our RPM’s in the range we like to have them.  We have our work cut out for us to make our heat.”
     Nick would start in the 4th starting spot in heat number 1.  He would waste very little time, using the outside to gain the lead and go on to win the first heat.  “When they pushed me off I could see there was just a little moisture where they watered for dust control on the top.  I figured I had about 2 laps max to use it before it was gone.  Luckily we only needed 1 lap because it dried out quickly! I have a wet leg and it smells like fuel, so I have to find our leak and get that fixed.”
     Nick would find a fuel hose with a hole in it, and worked non stop to get it fixed just in time to start second in the second heat.  Nick would have the lead before the cars reach turned one and never look back.  Nick would cruise to a half a lap win.  “The car is rolling the corners really nice.  With about 2 laps to go, I started getting wet again, so I need to check my lines again.”
     Nick would find the same line he had just changed with another hole.  “Our motor is farther forward than usual with the new gearing.  I see where it is cutting it, so we changed the location of the fuel pump, and we should have our problem fixed for the night.”  Nick would earn the front row starting spot for the feature.
     Nick would jump out to an early lead in the feature.  There were a few restarts that allowed competitors to close the gap, but after a few laps, Nick had pulled away to a 10-15 car advantage.  He would go on to win for the second straight year at the Knoxville Raceway.  “This is awesome!  I have wanted to race here my whole life, and to have won both races they have had here is a dream come true.  I honestly couldn’t have done it without all the help of my sponsors.  The support and advice they have given me has helped more than they know!
Nick and DeMoss Racing would like to thank SKE Karts, SUP Motors, Hoosier Tire Midwest, MotoTassinari, Hot Rods Cranks, Vertex Piston, DWT Wheels, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Engine Ice, Bell Helmets, Ultrashield Race Products, Leatt Head and Neck Restraints, Fenders Cycle, and all other family, friends, and fans for their support.