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Nick DeMoss – DeMoss Picks Up Win #5 (DeMoss Racing) – June 25, 2015

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(Photo by Ken Berry – Kensracingpix.com)
On a night that saw the largest weekly car count in 5 years, with three out of state racers, Nick DeMoss would once again score a perfect point night.  In the first heat race, Nick would start fourth, and quickly make his way to the front, leading by lap 2.  Nick would go on to win heat number one if very convincing fashion.  “I am glad the track decided to add a little water after hot laps.  The heat really dried it out quickly.  After the sun started to go down and they hit it with water, it made the track racey.”
     In the second heat, Nick would start second beside his father, Wes.  It was a great battle for the first lap, but Nick would gradually pull away to claim his second heat race win of the night.  “Turn one has dried out a lot on the top, and that is where I tried to get dad the first lap.  Turn 3 and 4 is still really good, so I used that to get the momentum and take the lead.  I have a feeling by feature time, turn 1 and 2 will be a tricky corner.”
     Nick would earn enough points from the heat races to earn the pole.  Nick would quickly jump out to the lead, only to be challenged on restarts.  “There were a few spin outs and a crash coming off of turn two.  I knew it would be a difficult corner, and it really did slick off.  I could hear the four stroke on restarts, but after a lap or two, I couldn’t hear it anymore so I figured I was pulling away a little after we got a lap or two in.”
     Nick increased his point lead to 48 points on the season, with just 5 point races remaining.  Nick and the DeMoss racing team are off until July 10.  They will race July 10 at English Creek Speedway, and then July 12 and the famed Knoxville Raceway during the Marion County Fair.
     Nick and DeMoss Racing would like to thank SKE Karts, SUP Motors, Hoosier Tire Midwest, MotoTassinari, Hot Rods Cranks, Vertex Piston, DWT Wheels, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Engine Ice, Bell Helmets, Ultrashield Race Products, Leatt Head and Neck Restraints, Fenders Cycle, and all other family, friends, and fans for their support.