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In-frikkin-credible!!! I was advised to try your product in my vstrom 650 by my mechanic. It was a bit pricier than the normal coolant I run, but what a difference!! I know my vstrom well, and 3 bars on my heat indicator is normal…and when she’s hot it never drops down. After putting your product into my bike I have noticed I can do 15 minutes of highway speeds before it even hits 3 bars (and I let her warm up to one bar before leaving). Even when running for over 30 minutes to an hour if I ease up slightly and ‘cruise’ I will notice it drop to 2 bars again, which is unusual with the 6 years Ive run her.

Excellent product guys!! Im a cynical bugger that sees little value in our disposable world, but your product is beyond any expectations I had. Clearly the product is worthy of note, has been getting recommendations to other riders from me, and spurred me to actually send a note of kudos to you folks.

Job well done!!

– Pat