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Engine Ice Salutes Ted Parks – Pro Motocross Team Manager Of The Year

By September 10, 2015February 17th, 2017No Comments

Merritt Island, FL (September 10, 2015) – No doubt 2015 provided some of the best motocross action we have seen in a while. Eli Tomac dominated the first two rounds, only to “crash out” of his season at round three in Denver. Roczen finally showed up in Tennessee and then Barcia got hot and grabbed several podiums along the way. Bottom line, Ryan Dungy dominated and deservedly won the Championship.

These riders are all previous champions, either in the 250 or the 450 class – they are the cream of the crop – but they all had to start somewhere.

“It takes 40 riders to fill a gate and 30 of them barely receive the recognition they deserve,” explained Dave Kimmey, owner of CycleLogic, manufacturer of Engine Ice Hi-Performance coolant. “That’s why at Engine Ice, we are excited to hear that Ted Parks, owner of The Privateer Journey team, was awarded the 2015 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Team Manager Of The Year. Engine Ice has been part of Ted’s team from the beginning and we could not be happier for Ted, who puts his money, heart and soul into a race effort that specifically helps the privateers accomplish their dreams.”

The Privateer Journey is a total privateer team that Ted Parks has assembled and provides the most difficult components to racing – transporting the racer’s motorcycles, a professional paddock environment and the support of a team who understands and cares about each individual rider.

“Our journey started with an idea our kids came up with back in 2010,” explained Parks. “The initial idea was to bring exposure to the Motocross Privateer and the life they live while they chase their dream. Our desire is the exact opposite of that for financial profit… We help bring the spotlight to those hardworking individuals who deserve a platform to stand on in order for their goals to move forward.”

Just two years ago, Weston Peick was under The Privateer Journey tent. Today, Pieck wears the #26 and races for the prestigious Joe Gibb Racing team. Peick was standing on the podium this year at Round One in Hangtown – a great testament to Ted Park’s team.

“This is what The Privateer Journey is all about,” continued Kimmey. “I encourage all motocross related products to help out with Ted’s team. We need to support the riders at every level. Ted is definitely helping to build the future of Motocross and Supercross.”

In 2015, Ted Parks supported future Supercross and Motocross stars like: Dustin Pipes, Kyle Cunningham, Teddy Parks, Nick Schmidt, Shawn Yarbrough, Dylan Lemburg, Justin Sipes, Chad Cook, and Adam Enticknap to name a few.

For more information about The Private Journey, click here.