Engine Ice Champion’s Corner

The Engine Ice Champion’s Chip is an award that presented by the management of Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant to competitors for extraordinary efforts on or off the track.

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Y9e7DALG3QL61Qb2_gId4VAuQr2vcbpOyZHZRXLZmZnhOuL99jWI7S8KrC7uk26ECDA_zjtSVFPY2QxyA7TmcO6-22ppj1Zzh9nEn_L68QbA9sao2JpmR0PoWr83fao87h2Pb8b2hIo4SJCzs0ZUuQ=s0-d-e1-ftBased upon the long-standing military tradition of “Challenge Coins” that date back as far as the Roman era.  David Kimmey, the owner of CycleLogic Products, the producer of Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant, developed an award suitable for the athletes that take place in the various sports where Engine Ice participate.
“At Engine Ice, we want to reward and recognize users of our product, sponsored racers, and our consumers, for their wins, championships and extraordinary accomplishments,” Kimmey explained. “Each recipient will be personally selected based upon the merits of their actions on or off the track and awarded the chip for their trophy case.”

How to Earn an Engine Ice Champion’s Chip

 If you feel that you know someone that deserves the recognition for extraordinary efforts you can nominate them using the form below.

Engine Ice Champion’s Chip Recipients

Blake Baggett was awarded the chip at the Las Vegas round of the Monster Energy Supercross series in recognition for his never say die racing attitude and specifically for the come-from-behind charge, he exhibited at the Daytona Supercross earlier this year.



Justin Starling
Justin earned his chip for extraordinary effort” with a holeshot on a production bike against the factory big boys.


Andrew Short
Andrew earned his chip for becoming the 2015 Supercross Holeshot King. In New York he managed to holeshot his heat race, semi and main event. Andrew is the only rider with more than a single holeshot all season long in 2015.


Nick DeMoss
Nick earned his chip for his dominance in dirt track kart racing. He is the first 4 wheeled racer to receive a chip.


Justin Brayton
Outstanding performance following a grade three AC separation, and three fractures to his T-5-6 and 7 vertebra in his back.

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