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Eddie Morris is the Final 2016 Engine Ice Keep-It-Cool Sweepstakes Winner

By January 10, 2017February 17th, 2017No Comments
Merritt Island, FL (January 9, 2017) – The December and final winner of the year-long Engine Ice Keep-It-Cool Sweepstakes is Eddie Morris from Lansing, Michigan. Engine Ice Keep-It-Cool Sweepstakes.

Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant would like to thank everyone who entered the 2016 Sweepstakes series. “This has been a great contest for us,” explained David Kimmey, owner of CycleLogic Products, manufacturer of Engine Ice. “We had thousands of entries over the past 12 months and celebrated 12 different winners who were lucky enough to win some great Engine Ice products. Our latest winner, Eddie Morris, is a true motocross enthusiast and a long time supporter of our Engine Ice product – a perfect choice to close out the contest.”


“I’m 23-years-old and I race professional Motocross,” explained Morris, the final winner of the 2016 contest.” Engine Ice is the only coolant I will use in my motorcycles. It is the only antifreeze that keeps my bike cool in all of the hot elements I face while racing my motorcycle at its full potential. I could not be more stoked on winning the sweepstakes – it is truly a blessing and I cannot thank Engine Ice enough!”


Engine Ice would like to thank Matrix Concepts for custom making the M80 Race Series Tool Box and Bike Stand which proved to be a very popular part of our sweepstakes package.


Eddie Morris was already a big Engine Ice fan!

November’s winner, Terry Gagnon, was pretty excited to receive the Keep-It-Cool package.