Official Engine Ice Statement on the COVID-19 pandemic

With the unprecedented events resulting from the global Coronavirus pandemic, Engine Ice would like to share with our friends, dealers, and customers what we have done to ensure that your Engine Ice supply will not be interrupted.

Given the timeline of the first impact of this situation in the early part of the riding season, many of our distributors were stocking up for the upcoming 2020 riding season. Most of our distribution partners have ample supplies for the current and potential future demand. 

At the moment, our manufacturing facility remains open and producing Engine Ice. The supply chain remains intact with minimal interruption. Our manufacturing facility is ramping up their stockpile of raw materials out of extra precautions, and when the pandemic passes will see little to no noticeable interruption in the supply of Engine Ice products. 

Our employees are working from home offices and following the guidelines of local, state, and federal officials to stop the spread of the virus and the potential spread that it can have on families, friends, and others where they might come in contact. We hope that you will do the same so that this pandemic can end quickly and safely. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at events later this year when this is all behind us and we continue to help you take care of and enjoy your machines. 

Stay safe. 

David Kimmey
President – Cyclelogic Inc – The makers of the Engine Ice family of products.