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Cole Crowley’s 9-19-15 100 National Race Report

By November 13, 2015February 17th, 2017No Comments

Hello everyone! On September 19th, 2015 I raced a second race on a hopped up Batman bike, a Honda  100 sponsored by Joe Jaconetti for the 100 National Class at Lodi Cycle Bowl for the Toby Jorgenson 100 National Memorial Event.

In the first practice the bike was working pretty good but we still figured we better try the backup bike in the 2nd practice, which to my surprise ended up being the bike I chose to race that night, the Batman Bike. After some small tire pressure changes the bike was ready for the heat race.

In the heat I had 3rd pick on the front row. Off the start I was 2nd going into the 1st turn but I held it on longer going over the hill to take the lead. I cut down low to the inside line to try and keep the lead. I pulled about a 2 bike length gap and took the win. This bike is small, but sure is fast and fun.

In the Main Event, 25 laps, I had 1st pick on the front row. Off the start I was 2nd going into the 1st turn. I was right on the leader but he kept shutting the door on my pass attempts. I followed him for about 3 laps, then after the S section I went around the outside of him. Then I started to pull away more and more each lap and had a huge lead. I lead about 19 laps and had about a ½ of a lap lead on 2nd place until a rider went down and was severely injured, so they red flagged the race.

They called the race because of how close the race was to the end giving me the win. I would like to give a special thanks to Joe Jaconetti for the awesome 100 mod ride and the backup mod. I would also like to thank all of my sponsors for their help and support, Thank you everyone.

Cole Crowley 17y

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