Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant offers superior performance in all types of water-cooled engines.

Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant has proven to provide excellent performance in a wide variety of conditions in all kinds of vehicles. Long-distance adventure riding is no exception. From the earliest tests in the late 1990’s all the way to today, Engine Ice reduces operating temperatures. Reduced operating temperatures increase engine life and improve reliability. When navigating the single track trails or extreme environments Engine Ice performs keeping your adventure bike safe from breakdowns. Hundreds of miles from civilization or around the corner from home, Engine Ice enhances the performance of your machine.
Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is biodegradable, phosphate free, non-toxic, and typically reduces operating engine temperatures, effectively keeping boil-over temperatures to 256°F or less and freeze-up protection to -26° F. Factory or privateer, highly modified or stock, all machines benefit from using Engine Ice.