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Blake Baggett presented with Champion’s Chip

By May 11, 2017May 16th, 2017No Comments

Merritt Island FL, (May 10, 2017) –  Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant, the premier choice for powersports coolant and antifreeze, has presented Blake Baggett with an Engine Ice Champion’s Chip. Baggett was awarded the chip at the Las Vegas round of the Monster Energy Supercross series in recognition for his never say die racing attitude and specifically for the come-from-behind charge he exhibited at the Daytona Supercross earlier this year.

Based upon the long-standing military tradition of “Challenge Coins” that date back as far as the Roman era.  David Kimmey, the owner of CycleLogic Products, the producer of Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant, developed an award suitable for the athletes that take place in the various sports where Engine Ice participate.

Soldiers who showed extraordinary efforts or heroic acts received a specially struck coin in recognition for their efforts. That tradition continues to this day in our US Armed Forces. Kimmey felt there was a need to recognize athletes for their extraordinary efforts on and off the track and came up with his version of the coin, the “Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant Champions Chip.”

“After beginning the main event dead last in the 22 rider field, it would have been easy to throw in the towel and ride around for the main event,” said Kimmey. “But that is not in Blake’s nature. He charged through the field on a challenging track picking off riders on his way to a fantastic seventh place finish at the checkered flag. This ride, along with his dedicated professionalism to racing and the drive he’s shown all season long has earned him this chip and our appreciation as a role model in the sport.”

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 Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is biodegradable, phosphate free, non-toxic, and typically reduces operating race temperatures, effectively keeping boil-over temperatures to 256°F or less and freeze-up protection to -26° F. Factory or privateer, highly modified or stock, all machines benefit from using Engine Ice.

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Founded in the year 2000 CycleLogic Products, Inc.’s flagship product, Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant, is globally recognized as the premier choice in powersports coolant and antifreeze. Its revolutionary formula keeps machines running cooler leading to a more stable horsepower delivery, throttle response and engine efficiency. Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is available worldwide through our vast distribution network.
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